Arjuna Watson AKA DECYPUL



When I was an understudy I was introduced to Australian social realism of 1920's to 1970's. My favorite Australian artists at the time where Arthur Boyd and Victor O'Connor . Later I discovered Russian social realism, not just the propaganda posters but the Russian painters of that time; just blew me away. Also the impressionist painters of that time, which where called social realist just because of there subject matter but they painted like impressionists. I was still drawn to graffiti the and large scale paintings and pop culture.

I always wanted to turn social realism into more of a modern context ( yes it’s timeless subject ) and something that I could grasp that wasn’t so sad ,so I used what I new and what I was drawn to,and I created a style I call 'Urban Realism' yes the ism’s are important and are all part of the process. I paint in enamel and oils on canvas, sometimes I use stencils for text, I love text.

I enjoy form and figure but I especially enjoy painting portraits.

I enjoy painting in large scale and I always paint like I’m doing something wrong like Im going to get caught…I have to remind my self to slow down.